How & Why Christie Lights was Created

Christie Lights Story

Hello to you all... Here is a very brief look inside Christie Lights and what made us begin this journey... It's been a long road... but we made it... 

My famous line that I would tell everyone is " I should write a book about my life experiences"  but here is not the place for Enjoy!!


I am a mother of four amazing and beautiful children with an incredible husband.  As a long time candle / fragrance lover I have always purchased candles... top brands to lower grade brands, to me it didn't matter as long as they looked and smelled good.

Not to long ago, 2016 to be exact my youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  Something no parent wants to hear.  During her treatment I started to pay close attention to the environment around us.  To find that my love of candles (among many, many other things) are very harmful. 

Most paraffin / petroleum based candles contain many different toxins, so there I was burning candles in my home like they where going out of style not thinking about the air quality my family was breathing in, just about how pretty they looked and smelled.... 

So I started to do research and began to developing my own brand of candles that I can enjoy in a safe way, in my home with my family.

Now I want to share what I have perfected with all of you....

Everyone can make a difference ... Big or Small... It's a Difference

FYI- My daughter is now (2020)  12 years old and cancer free!!!!

                                          The Future Is Bright!!!



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